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Pipe Leak Repair

Pipe leaking is one of the most common plumbing problems home owners face. As your flat age with time, the pipes start to experience wear and tear which leads to leaks. Pipes that are exposed that lead to leaks are the easiest to fix whereas conceal piping leaks are the most problematic since hacking is require to reach the leaking pipe.

Should you start noticing patches of water on either the floor or wall, you might want to start inspecting on your end to determine the possible cause. If it is related leaking pipe, we strongly advice you to get it fixed immediately to avoid further damage to your wall or furnitures around it

Common Pipe Leak Problems

Wear and Tear

After a long period of time, the pipe will start to crack or have loose joint. This will cause leakage and the pipe will burst if the leakage is not solved immediately.

Damaged seal

Seals are common causes for leakage as they are most prone to wear and tear. If you notice water dripping or flowing out from the joint, it is a sign that your seal might be not in good condition anymore.

Rusty pipe or corrosion

If your pipe has rusted or discoloured, it is advisable to change the pipe before it start to cause leakage or burst.

Clogged Pipe

When the pipe is clogged, water pressure will go up and to the point when the pipe cannot withstand the pressure, it will start to leak or burst.

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