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Clearing of  Clog Pipes

Clog pipes & drains are a common problem in Singapore. It usually occurs when pipes & drains are stuck and water doesn’t drain out or at a very slow pace. For most basic clogs, it can easily be solved by removing the dirt that accumulates around the drain which prevents water from draining. For other clogs that are complicated, we would advice that you contact a plumber immediately to avoid further inconvenience.

Common Clog Pipes & Drain Problem

  • Clothes or cloth stuck in drain which is unreachable by hand
  • Dirt accumulation below the sink filter
  • Dirt accumulation around washing machine drain

Way To Prevent Clog Pipes & Drain Problem

  • Clear all food waste in trash not drain
  • Install dirt trapper for both sink & drain
  • Regular Maintenance

Get Help Immediately

Here at Top Plumbing, we understand that issues on your system may arise any time of the day. This is why we have 24-hour plumbing service in Singapore. Now, you can get as much help as you need no matter what hour of the day it is. We have licensed plumbers in Singapore always on-standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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